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icon     Salient Features
  To promote a holistic, integrated educational programme.
To create a positive educational environment.
To develop the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual activities.
End Product
  A good and refined individual.
Socially responsible.
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Vana Mahotsavam celebration   Vana Mahotsavam-at the school campus
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Lighting the Candles for Tsunami Victims   Remembering Hiroshima - Nagasaki Mr.Gopalakrishnan with the students
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Navarathri Arts Festival:Mr.Sivakumar Plays Veena   Navarathri Arts Festival Prapanrchem Mukyaprana's Flute recital
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Lunch with students of Krishna Home-Orphanage   Awareness programme at Adevanthur village
  Well equipped with soft skills.
Rooted in the rich heritage of our country.

A school with a difference
  Started by an all women group three of whom have rich experience in the field of Education
(for 3 and more decades).

Intends to provide an alternative to the existing pressure-ridden system of education.

Provides a child-friendly, learner-centred relevant system.

Learning not mainly through text books, but through activities, free interaction in the classroom, field trips etc.

Classroom atmosphere extremely conducive to learner participation.

Trains the children to become responsible, autonomous learners even from class III.

Home Work? Oh, a bugbear to
     both children and the parents!
But never so for the children
     Of Balalaya:
Why? Because the assignment are
     So interesting and closely related
To daily life in and around
     Children love and enjoy
Doing the home assignments.
A simple from the slew of
     Assignments given to the children.
Watch the night sky.
     - Rising Sun
     (Draw the scene if you can)
Listen to the morning sounds –
     Record them
Take a morning walk with your parents
     What do you see?
Walk along the Cauvery Bridge
     On a Sunday Morning –
Observe everything –
On your way to school from home -
        What we are the landmarks you see?
     Help mother prepare breakfast -
     Note down the ingredients
The nutrients and the method.
What is the hot news today?
Read the news papers and copy the
     Catchy Captions and headlines.
Be the “young World” Reporter
And report happenings in
The neighbourhood.
     Be a birdwatcher -
Watch the birds in the Adavathur Campus. Click them
In your camera – prepare a short write up on each of
The species.
Listen to Bedtime Stories from your grandmother. Collect
Old World stories from grandma-

     Field Trip: Students at the banana research Institute  

Making learning experiential rather than textbook based gives the children opportunities for first hand experience through field trips, interactive sessions with District Collector, Police Officials Corporation Commissioner, Mayor, Vice Chancellor and others.

Teching-learning techniques redesigned to make the learner a participant rather than a passive receiver of knowledge.

Teaching of maths given a new focus in order to give the learner better understanding of the mathematical concepts and making learning maths a joyful experience.

Language teaching is functional – exposure to learning materials outside the readers and textbooks.

Science teaching todally activity based, interested children encouraged to take up minor projects.

Special training in life skills, peace education, Vedic culture and yoga on-going programmes.

Human Pyramid - Play day finale   Young Agriculturists at work
Children’s Theatre Workshop   Harmony Pledge
World Food day   Gandhi Peace Foundation - Dr.Kulandaisami Interacts with the students
The Day Begins wtih prayer    
No terminal exams upto class VIII – Continuous assessment in the classes, taking into account talents and skills besides academic performance.

Special care for slow learners and encouragement to excel to the fast track learners.

Respect for the original and creative work of the learners.

Attempt to integrate children with learning disabilities and special children with the main stream.

Special attention given to teacher development programmes and in-service training – in each and every aspect of teaching.
Skills development.
Personality development.
Building synergy in the team.
Novel techniques like theatre in the classroom.

Our resource persons include
  S.P.Srinivasan                         - theatre artist from Gandhigram,
Mrs.Meera Muralidharan           - Nutrition Expert

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Dr.Kalavathy talks to the students of Environment Foundation  
Theatre Workshop:Theatre Artist S.P.Srinivasan Trains the Teachers

Vidya Vikasini Team from Coimbatore
  Dr. Lethe, H.R.D. Trainer.
Dr.R.V. Ram.
Mr. Prakash.
Prof. Krishnamoorthy H.R.D. experts.
Mrs. Radha Ramakrishna Easwaran, Clinical Psychologist and Counsellor.
Dr.Ramakrishnan and Dr.Rangarajan – Psychiatrists.
Mrs. Sheela Chelliah.
Dr. S. Kalavathi.
Dr. M. Babu.

Unique feature – Mentor system.
Parent and public involvement in conducting after –school enrichment programmes, escorting the children in field trips etc.

Interactive sessions with parents, special programmes on new age education for the parents.